Spanish Door Winter Notes

Posted by Guy Sadan on 24th Feb 2017

Hi everyone !I want to apologize for not writing in such a long time, but sometimes there is so much to do and so much happening, and not enough hours in a day...We´ve been immensely enjoying raising … read more

Spanish Door News

Posted by Guy Sadan on 22nd May 2015

Hi everyone !Summer is here. even though we are still officially in Spring, it already feels like summer. T shirts are out and we even have been bathing in the sea in Majorca early this month...!If yo … read more

Draw Winner Announced !

Posted by Guy Sadan on 1st Mar 2015

Hi everyone !Now that the storms are pretty much over, the temperatures are on the rise and the snow melts away, we are slowly noticing more and more signs of the approaching spring. or at least the e … read more

News From Spanish Door

Posted by Guy Sadan on 7th Feb 2015

Hi everyone,Over the last week or so, Spain and especially the north, was experiencing some of the worst weather recorded and remembered in many years. Extremely strong winds, heavy rains, extreme low … read more

Spanish Door goes Korean !

Posted by Guy Sadan on 7th Nov 2014

Hi everyone,I find it funny, how my life is all about the Camino. I sell the products, most my clients walked it, many friends have gone or planning to go there and somehow, i still didn't manage to w … read more