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Spanish Door goes Korean !

Posted by Guy Sadan on 7th Nov 2014

Hi everyone,

I find it funny, how my life is all about the Camino. I sell the products, most my clients walked it, many friends have gone or planning to go there and somehow, i still didn't manage to walk it myself.

A few years back, my father, my brother, his son and I were going to hike most if not all of it. we studied the options, we looked at maps, we checked dates and flights, accommodation and gear, and then my brother, who is a busy blacksmith and a father, had to cancel.

A few months ago, already with two online stores dedicated almost entirely to Camino de Santiago, i decided it was time to go visit Santiago. i just felt i needed to be there, and see it with my own eyes, and feel it. i made arrangements and took time over a long weekend, got my tickets, packed my bag, traveled to the airport just to find out that due to a air travel controllers strike in France, the plane that was going to fly me, was still grounded in Germany...

One begins to ask if all this means something... I continue to live and breath and work with the Camino every single day and i know that when the time comes i will walk my own Camino de Santiago.

Hearing the experiences of people walking it is a great inspiration and i find myself moved with so many personal anecdotes.

I followed Noah H Kersey all the way since leaving his home in the USA, read his comments, looked at his photos, lived his emotions and experiences along the way and was truly over whelmed. thank you Noah, i wish you all the best for the future.

Last week we finally launched our new T shirts. they were a product i was planning for a while and it took some time to get all the ends together and finally having the finished product. the design is the same classic "Buen Camino" design that was so welcome on the patch we launched a few months ago and that spontaneously became our unofficial logo...

My dear A. was the first lucky one to put it on ! thank you for modelling ; )

More new products are a new line of ceramics, that got a great welcome. some are already gone, but i promise to get some more very soon. it is a bit scary at first to handle and have to ship these fragile items but with practice we will get the right formula.

This week we have taken a big step and jumped into deep (and cold..) water. we have introduced a special page for our growing South Korean pilgrim community. we are not pretending to learn Korean but we do want and try to reach this far away nation visitors too ! 

it was kind of fresh experience working with the Korean characters.

If any of you know any Koreans, please share our page with them and help us reach more people. we will highly appreciate it !

당신에게 모든 좋은 주말을 기원!

(wishing you all a great weekend !)

Spanish Door