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A very pleasant fall for the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

Posted by Guy Sadan on 17th Oct 2014

Hi Everyone !

Since fall began we find ourselves preparing for the long cold night and rains, but reality is still a bit different. 

While we can not deny the nights are getting longer and fresh, the days are probably the most pleasant imaginable. it isn't too cold nor too hot, we enjoy a lot of sun, the relative large amount of rain that fell until now brought the countryside to life with amazing greens and bloom after the hot, dry grey of the end of summer... temperatures are a bliss and we spend most days in a short sleeved T shirt. 

Time of picking the olives and preparing them in jars for consumption later in the year and hopefully until the next harvest. 

Sea lovers still enjoy even favorable water conditions in the south of the peninsula and the islands.

I admit it gets harder mostly in the mornings, when it is time to get up and it is dark outside. and on October 26th. Spain will move its clock 1 hour and we will have light earlier in the morning but will suffer shorter evenings... winter..

Noah H Kersey is doing very good progress and from his photos, you can see he gets rained on more often, which means he is getting nearer to Santaigo.

We all shared an emotional moment seeing the photos from Cruz de Ferro, where Noah placed stones ingraved with his family names.

He spent last night in Trabadelo, León and is just about to cross into Galicia.

Keep up the good Rythem Noah !

Noah is doing the pilgrimage to Santiago as a fund raiser for the investigation of Diabetes. any one who wants to read further can do so on his Facebook page :

and in we help. 10% of all Camino de santiago items sold while Noah is on the road will be donated towards his fund raiser.

The weather along the Camino remains warm for the season and fairly stable with rains more frequent as the pilgrim reaches Galicia and Santiago. 

the above image is the forecast for the north cost of Spain for tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 18th.

taken from

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The landscape on the back ground photo is what we see from home and where we do a lot of our hiking and rock climbing.

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Wishing us all a pleasant weekend.

Spanish Door